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Would you like us to handle your property whilst overseas and help you earn income on your investments? Do you need assistance in the management, maintenance and logistics entailed with handling numerous tenants? Is your condominium too much for you to handle? Whatever your property requirements are we can help. Let us guide you and assist you.

The team at Belair Property Management & Holiday Rentals provides a winning formula in terms of excellence, expertise and reputation that exceeds expectations.

Together they are entrusted with projects and clients that range from lifestyle developments including Tigné Point to individual holiday apartments.

At Belair Property Management we can provide you with a tailor made solution to your problem to suit your specific requirements and budget. Our services cater for properties of all sizes and requirements.

So the question is…. do you need our assistance?

Earn Income on Your Space... It's Easy!

Private Homes and Holiday Rentals

Backed up by a team of letting consultants and property managers we can help you reap the benefits from your investment. We will handle your property in your absence:

  • letting or bookings for your property;
  • payment of bills including consulting you on insurance options to secure your investment;
  • cleaning & maintenance;
  • holiday letting services including guest pickups and anything else required.

Just ask and we will sort it out for you. All this for a small fraction of your rental income or a fixed annual fee, whatever suits your budget.

Creating the Perfect Space

Project Management

Belair Property also specialises in project management of work required by clients ranging from structural work to design and furnishings of rooms or properties; overseeing, as well as maintenance that may be required on both residential and commercial property. Mediating between owner/s and service providers facilitates the process. Having the experience, expertise and team will ensure that the project is well managed and executed.

We'll Create Space for You

The solution is simple… Contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide you with the best Management plan. Call now on +356 2011 8000 or contact us for a free consultation.

Property Management Services

Have you invested in a property in Malta and you are away from the islands for long stretches of time? Don’t let your valuable property lie idle when it could be generating additional revenue for you through rental. We can help.

Belair Property’s dedicated in-house Property Management Services division caters for clients who would rather have their property in Malta managed and taken care of during their absence than leave it in disuse. Our vast experience in Malta’s real estate industry allows us to incorporate this service with our rental and sales divisions offering a one stop shop that will cover all your property requirements.

Our services are ideal for Holiday Homes or Rental Investments in Malta and Gozo. They are also useful for busy people who travel constantly and wish to feel safe in the knowledge that someone is looking after their investments whilst they are away.

Whether you’re looking to have peace of mind about your unattended property or want to extract the most from your investment by leasing out the property on long or short term lets, we can tailor-make a package to suit your needs.

What Services Do We Offer?

Basic Management Service
  • Regular Property Inspections – We inspect your property on a regular basis ensuring (where applicable) all systems such as the A/C, Heating, and Refrigerators etc. are functioning properly and all pipes and drains are clear of blockages.
  • Utilities – We will pay property related bills on your behalf.
  • Repairs & Maintenance – We ensure all necessary repairs are made in a timely manner, within budget and with minimum disturbance
  • Letting Management
  • Rent Collection Service – Administer Rent receivables & Chase late payment of Rent
  • Credit Rental Payments promptly – Prepare and Deliver regular statements of accounts
  • Inventory – We draw up an Inventory on behalf of the Landlord and update it regularly. Inventory will be checked and signed by each in-going Tenant and will be checked when the Tenant departs.
  • Condition of Property – We ensure the property is clean and in a suitable condition for occupation prior to any letting activity being undertaken, as well as prepare the property for your own visits with your specific requirements.

Additional Services

Residential Properties
  • We keep the property neat, clean and ready for occupancy at short notice.
  • We prepare the property for you or your guests whenever you are coming to reside in it for a period.
Tenant/Landlord Welcome
  • We will organise airport transfers where required
  • We can arrange for food packs for you or your tenants and guests.
  • We meet you, your tenant or guests at the property on arrival.
Yacht Management

Through our partners Boatcare Limited we can offer various Yachting related services including:

  • Registration
  • Brokerage
  • Charters
  • Guardianship
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Washing & Polishing

We can arrange all your Insurance requirements at the best market prices, through our preferred Insurers.

Landlord Care

One of the main aims is that of ensuring that we are there to offer ongoing support and advice to landlords and property developers like you.

It is our priority to offer an efficient service that singles us out as your first choice property managers in Malta and Gozo. When contracting Belair Property Management to co-ordinate the servicing of a property portfolio in Malta and Gozo you are ensuring peace of mind that your property will be taken care of professionally, in your own interest as well as those of your potential tenants. Belair Property Management will inspect your property on a regular basis to ensure that “house rules” are respected by all tenants.

We will give you regular status reports including works carried out, periodical financial reports, difficulties encountered as well as our recommendations on proposed works and ideas to enhance your property. Our management team will transpose your decisions into instructions to the parties concerned whether it is tradesmen, service providers, sub-contractors, residents or tenants.

Project Management


Belair Property Management will assist you in commissioning local suppliers and sub-contractors to provide you with the necessary home supplies and services that will enhance your property. This will result in adding to the value and marketability of your property by making it more comfortable, stylish and practical. We guarantee to bring across a comprehensive service to you in a number of areas.

We will also look for the right proposal for you and will act in your best interests when contracting any works to be carried out or services to be provided for your property. The combined experience by members of the Realhouse by Belair Property team will also assist you by letting us do all the necessary coordination and taking on the burden you would usually have when carrying out works on your property.


Belair Property Management has its own in-house design team with years of experience to help you in the layout design of your property.


Careful consideration will be given to your budget, and to stipulated dates by which you expect services and supplies to be delivered to your property. When you are considering buying, selling or letting your property, we will help you decide on the price or rent threshold you wish to achieve, and we will strive to seek sound offers accordingly.

Our report will also include an indication of prices we are able to negotiate on your behalf with local suppliers and service providers as well as details of any discounts and savings we are in a position to achieve on behalf of our clients.

Trust and Trustees

Belair Property Management provides assistance to Trustees in managing real estate and property in Malta and Gozo, irrespective whether this belongs to a local or to a foreign Trust.

As a Trustee you are vested with the ownership of the Trust property and it is your duty to manage the property as if it were your own and in a manner that maximizes the property value where possible. Belair Property Management offers a “tailor-made” service that suits your objective as a professional Trustee that is to highlight the value of the Trust property through a professional and comprehensive service.

We carry out frequent inspections to the Trust property and provide regular condition and progress reports that will make it easier for you to monitor the state, value and marketability of the Trust property. We will also assist you in carrying out the necessary maintenance to the property and will recommend and commission works and supplies when needed.