Additional Services – we take care of you.

At Belair Property we pride ourselves in providing a “One Stop Shop” to our clients. This is a vital feature of our service model especially in the case of international property buyers who come to Malta and are not altogether familiar with the ‘local’ ways. We try to place ourselves in their position and imagine buying a home in a different country. Local purchasers, although more familiar with real estate in Malta can also benefit from the services provided. Our extensive knowledge and networking in the property market, provides money saving benefits which buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords do not normally have access to.

Apart from finding the property for the client, we ensure that legal representation is taken care of and bank mortgages and facilities are channelled in the right way through our contacts who have a track record with us for providing excellent service, thereby avoiding a lot of unnecessary time-wasting.

We also provide architect services through a number of reputable architectural firms when required and answer any questions relating to usual property transactions accordingly. These services are considered standard.

Our company provides a free service in basic interior design and will put you in touch with partner companies / individuals that provide efficient finishing or maintenance works to the property. Our vast contacts list and collaboration agreements with furniture companies will also help our clients to get excellent advice, together with quality materials at very advantageous prices.

Our connections to education and healthcare institutions have always been an integral part of our service and we are able to offer impartial advice to benefit our clients.

Our contacts extend to project management services provided at reasonable rates and this comes as part and parcel of the property transaction itself. This strongly applies to Buy-to-Let clients wishing to purchase with the peace of mind that their property is furnished and decorated according to prospective rental clients’ requirements, not simply to personal taste.

Property management services can also be recommended.  This is very popular, especially with international purchasers who do not reside in Malta, but can also be beneficial to local clients who do not wish to be responsible for the headaches brought about when the owner takes care of the property directly. These services include cleaning, general maintenance, rent collection, moving in clients, purchasing of soft furnishings, obtaining TV, Internet services, water and electricity billing, etc.

The quality of the personal attention we give to our clients has over the years provided Belair Property with a very strong, positive reputation which we are extremely proud and protective of. We know that a good reputation is hard to establish and easy to lose, and that fact drives us to do our best with every client however big or small the job.

We look forward to helping you through the buying or rental process and we have no doubt that our team can make your dream a reality. Contact us for further details.