Standard Renting Procedures

The term ‘Long Let’ generally refers to a rental of one (1) year or more. Rent prices for long lets are generally significantly lower than any short term rentals and offer more advantages to the lessee.

Long Let agreements require a security deposit usually equivalent to one (1) month’s rent and the rent is paid generally monthly or quarterly in advance. These conditions can change depending on what has been agreed between the Lessor and the Lessee.

Rent is generally paid directly to the landlord or in some cases to the agency depending on the landlord’s wish. Payment of rent is nowadays also commonly done via internet banking.

The Contract

The Lessee enters into a rental contract that binds him/her to a stipulated period of time. The contract will list general conditions that safeguard both the Lessor as well as the Lessee, specific clauses can sometimes be included depending on the agreement between both parties. Some standard clauses usually include prohibiting the Lessee from subletting the property and from keeping pets in the premises unless written authorisation is given by lessor.

The Role of your estate agent

Your estate agent is there to support and guide you in finding the most suitable property to match your preferred requirements within your budget.  Once the agent understands what you are looking for and guides you with regards to how realistic it may be to find the specified criteria within the locations and budget you wish to stick to, the agent proceeds to filter through the available properties that best suit your preferences.  Once some suitable properties are found your agent then sets up the appointments with the respective landlords and drives you to view these properties.  When you have chosen your preferred property and agreed upon all terms and conditions, your agent will liaise the drawing up of the contract and you may proceed to signing on that same day or within an agreed date.  The agent is only paid upon signing of the rental agreement for a property that they would have introduced to you.