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How Do You Start Your Career In Real Estate In Malta?

Working in real estate is an exciting opportunity for individuals throughout Malta. If youve been wondering how you can kick start your career in the industry, keep reading to discover how to start your journey in real estate with Belair Property.

Real Estate Training and Educational Requirements

The first thing to consider if you are looking to enter the real estate industry in Malta is your educational background. Our team will support you throughout the process, but youll need to ensure you have the right qualifications to apply for the job. The basic qualifications we look for when hiring a real estate agent include good spoken communication in English and Maltese. No prior experience is required except the will and drive to succeed. At Belair, our team will also guide you throughout the process of acquiring your very own real estate license. Read more on Maltese real estate licenses by clicking here.

It is advantageous to be confident with IT so that you can get to grips with the tools we use on a daily basis. Youll find that having excellent self-discipline and time management skills is useful, as youll be responsible for scheduling your day. At the same time, this offers the flexibility that will allow you to stay committed to your personal life as well as hobbies. No two days will be the same when working with our team, but thats all part of the life of being a real estate agent.

Find a Mentor

We highly recommend that anyone looking for a career change finds a mentor within the industry. Work on pairing up with the right real estate company that has similar values as yourself. Our team often pairs new recruits with existing, experienced ones, who will help to guide you through your initial months with Belair. Youll find that on challenging days, your mentor will help to encourage you and offer you the advice and support you need to thrive in your career in real estate. Theres so much more to real estate than just sales, and youll find that at Belair, we help you build good client relationships and understand the expectations of our clients in Malta before, during and after the sale, which are all very important stages for our clients.

Familiarise Yourself With Listings in Malta

Even if you are currently working in sales and feel you are confident with the job role, we recommend that you take some time to look at current properties for sale and rent in Malta. 

Youll need to ensure you are confident enough with the differences between the various properties and areas of the island, as this is a key part of the job. Of course, our team will offer you the support and technology thats needed, which will help you to get to grips with these listings much quicker. Generating leads is a huge part of the real estate agents role, but we have the software and techniques to make this easier than you might imagine. The more networking you can do before and during your time as a real estate agent, the more likely youll thrive in this industry.

Are you looking to start your career in real estate in Malta this year? If so, contact our team today using this form to learn more about how we can help you through the journey of starting your real estate career with Belair today!

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