Belair and The Real Estate course


– Written by Jean Camilleri

Covid-19 is imposing a number of unexpected challenges to our industry but has also provided opportunities for Belair management and associates to unite, recalibrate and direct our energies and focus to a Covid-conscious market.

At long last, the estate agency industry is finally on track to being regulated and licensed. Belair Property have welcomed and embraced this, seeing the industry will have a better-defined structure, complimented by good practice will ensure more peace of mind to clients.

As a consequence, all directors, management, as well as all agents will have to be qualified to operate in the field. The industry yearns to regain well-earned respect that over the years has diminished due to poor choices of representatives who have tarnished a reputation that is so crucial to have when dealing in life-changing transactions.

IDEA Academy was appointed by Belair Property to conduct the courses that will serve as an accredited qualification to obtain the Real Estate License which is due to come into force in December 2021.

The course comprised of 4 modules that included Communications, Legislation, Finances, and Processes & Procedures. Each module required 15 hour lectures spread over a period of 5 lessons and capped off with an open book exam. Approximately 50 hours of study time was recommended to prepare for each exam.  

The lessons were hosted on ZOOM which worked remarkably well. Many had reservations about online lessons but once set up, everyone quickly adapted and found the platform served its purpose well.

The lecturers appointed by IDEA Academy were professional and even inspirational. All agents looked forward to the lessons and open dialogue, industry knowledge, motivation and a team spirit was crucial at times when we could barely operate and go about our usual work.

We are confident to say, that the courses instigated much needed change to mentalities whilst educating us on essential information that should be known and well-practised by all who operate in this industry.

The course is most definitely not a walk in the park. One needs to be focused and dedicated to giving the time and attention that it requires. Thankfully all our agents succeeded in passing with remarkably high results, which we at Belair are all proud of.

We trust and hope that each institute that provides such courses for this qualification keeps the excellent standard that IDEA Academy had done with us. Belair Property continues to invest heavily in training our staff, which most definitely serves to provide clients with an optimum and professional service that Belair has always been known for.